Project Management Methodologies

Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall are three of the most popular project management methodologies used in software development. Each of these methodologies has its own advantages... May 2023

Latest web image formats

There are a number of new image formats that have been developed in recent years to improve the performance and quality of images on websites.... March 2023

Using OpenAI tools in ecommerce environments

OpenAI is a leading artificial intelligence (AI) research organization that has the potential to revolutionise the ecommerce industry. By leveraging OpenAI’s cutting-edge AI technologies, ecommerce... February 2023

Mobile-first Web Design

Mobile-first web design Mobile-first web design is a design approach that prioritises mobile devices when designing a website. Instead of designing a website for desktop... January 2023

Web development in Northern Ireland

Web development in Northern Ireland is a thriving industry, with many talented and skilled individuals and companies offering a range of services. Northern Ireland is... December 2022


Apache, Nginx, PHP, JavaScript and Meta redirects There are two main redirect options 301 for a permanent redirect. Use this when the redirect is pointing... October 2022

Spam Investigation Toolkit

Tools to help identify and engage spammers. I’m often asked what tools are best to use to identify spammers, there are plenty of free tools... October 2022

Lighthouse and Google Fonts

I recently had performance issues on Google Lighthouse due to the fonts used on the website. The Google Fonts I used were classified as a... July 2022

Cookie Script and GDPR

Quick guide to using Cookie Script for GDPR and cookie tracking. Cookie Script is a tool that helps website owners comply with cookie consent requirements... June 2022

Set-up a Rackspace CDN service

Quick guide for setting-up a CDN on Rackspace. CDN Set-up Log into your Rackspace MyCloud account. Click into Storage > CDN then “Create Service”. In... May 2022

Web Image Formats

The image file formats that are most commonly used on the web are listed below. Classic Image Formats These are the classic image formats universally... April 2022

Apache VirtualHost with Reverse Proxy

This post documents the process of setting up a reverse proxy to load one (Origin) website in the subdirectory of another. During this process the... August 2021

Upcoming changes to eBay's PayPal Payments

Over the course of 2021 eBay will be incrementally changing how it works with sellers. Changes include updates to the fee structure, how fees are... June 2021

Choose a better browser

A run down of the most popular web browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Opera as well some alternate options if you'd like something different.... May 2021

Website Optimisation with Pingdom Speed Test

There are plenty of website speed tests out there, some are better than others. Pingdom is one of these tools, this post explains how to... February 2020

Simple jQuery Cookie Pop-up

This is a simple EU cookie notification pop-up for legacy websites. All that’s required is jQuery. Add the following HTML, jQuery script and apply some... November 2019

Automatically Deploy website from Github

This walk through will allow you to set-up a website to automatically deploy on a remote server whenever updates are pushed to the GitHub repository.... November 2019

Choosing the right ecommerce platform

Choosing the right ecommerce platform is an important decision for any business looking to sell their products online. The three options below are tried-and-tested ecommerce... October 2019

Jekyll: Post Loop in Liquid Templates

Jekyll uses the Liquid templating language to process templates. This post provides a basic example to show the five latest blog posts and highlight the... October 2019

Remove outdated content from Google Search Results

From time to time unwanted pages can appear in Google Search Results. Could be a temporary page, old content or even a test page that’s... June 2019

Introduction to Ubuntu MATE

As a PHP developers most of my time is spent working with Linux servers. When Microsoft introduced the Linux Sub-system for Windows I jumped at... January 2019

Don't use images to display text

Don’t use images to display text on your website. It may look nicer, oftentimes the same effect can be generated using style sheets while making... August 2018

Start/Stop XAMPP on Ubuntu using Terminal

Important Commands How to start XAMPP in Ubuntu To start XAMPP run the following and the command will return a list of running services: sudo... June 2018

Cookie pop-up notification for legacy websites.

This post is from 2019, it may be out-of-date. For a better solution try: Cookie Script for GDPR Simple no-nonsense JavaScript and CSS cookie pop-up... April 2018

Running Ubuntu on Windows

**One of my favourite aspects of Windows 10 has been the Linux subsystem for Windows. ** I’ve been using it since launch partly because it... January 2018

How to update your hosts file.

Every computer has a file on it which allows the owner to specify where a website is loaded from. A hosts file is a simple... August 2017

Create a plain text file on Windows

Quick guide to creating simple plain text (.txt) files on Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS and Linux. Text files are useful for sending code or short... April 2017

Create a plain text file on MacOS

Quick guide to creating simple plain text (.txt) files on Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS and Linux. Text files are useful for sending code or short... April 2017

Create a plain text file on Linux

Quick guide to creating simple plain text (.txt) files on Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS and Linux. Text files are useful for sending code or short... April 2017

Cloudflare: My next step for website optomisation

I’ve been working to dramatically reduce page load times on my site. Load times were reduced from 6 seconds to about 3 just by minifying... March 2016

I can get access to better internet in rural Mid Ulster than in North Belfast

I can get access to better internet in rural Mid Ulster (a townland called Tyanee just across the River Bann from the town of Portglenone) than on the... March 2016

Useful .htaccess Rules: Setting the expires header for browser caching

Expires headers let the browser know whether to serve a cached version of the page. This can simultaneously help to reduce server load and increase... February 2016

MySQL Database Backup and Restore via Command Line (Copy-and-pasteable)

Putting this together because I always end up checking online for the correct bash commands for Linux. These commands rely on your knowing for sure... February 2016

PHP Storm and making FTP connections with SSL (FTPS)

If you’re having issues connecting to a server via FTPS in phpStorm I found that the magic combination for PHP Storm and FTP-SSL connections is…... November 2015

Steven says Slack messenger is awesome

My colleague Steven Cotterill has outlined just how useful a messenger app can be in a development environment. At the beginning of the year we... September 2015

Useful .gitattributes defaults for Beanstalk Git

Some useful copy-and-paste lines for the .gitattributes file when using Beanstalk Git. Image and other binary files Upload and store images as binary files, rather... May 2015

LAMP Software Bundle

Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP/Perl/Python LAMP is an acronym denoting one of the most common software stacks for many of the web’s most popular applications. However,... December 2014

Composer - Dependency Manager for PHP

Composer is an application-level dependency manager for the PHP programming language that provides a standard format for managing dependencies of PHP software and required libraries.... December 2014

Web Design Fort Worth, TX

Web Development in Fort Worth, Texas There are lots of highly reputable Web Designers and Developers in Fort Worth, Texas. Check them out... Fort Worth... December 2013

Web Design Arlington, TX

Web Development in Arlington, TX There are lots of highly reputable Web Designers and Developers in Arlington, Texas. Check them out... Website Arlington — Arlington... December 2013

Hello world.

Hello I have experience using a wide variety of web development languages including HTML+CSS, PHP+MySQL and JavaScript. I have also worked with popular content management... November 2012