Quick guide to creating simple plain text (.txt) files on Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS and Linux.

Text files are useful for sending code or short pieces of information that may get corrupted or changed if shared directly in an email, messaging platform or support portal.

On Apple MacOS you will be able to create a plain text file using the “TextEdit” program that comes as standard.

  1. Launch Spotlight using Command + Space
  2. Search for “TextEdit”
  3. In TextEdit select “New Document”

By default TextEdit will try and create a rich text document, to switch to plain text.

  1. Switch to plain text using the “Format” dropdown and click on “Make Plain Text”.
  2. Update the content of the document as required
  3. Save the file as usual, when naming it append the file name with “.txt”
  4. This will create a text file you can share.