ProtonMail secure email

ProtonMail is an encrypted email service that takes a radically different approach to email security. In 2014 the Swiss company ProtonMail became the first email... February 2022

Security: DNS over HTTPS

Whenever you visit a website, even if you are using a site with SSL, the DNS query that converts the web address into an IP... February 2020

Best web browsers for security and privacy

A few alternative browser options for those looking to protect themselves against analytics, tracking, surveillance, and even censorship. Mozilla Firefox Iridium Ungoogled Chrome Tor Browser... January 2020

GDPR: What is the EU General Data Protection Regulation?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have an impact on how organisations handle the personal information that they look after. GDPR is a regulation... January 2018

Anonymous Browsing

A few links to help secure your online activities private and secure. In the United Kingdom the Investigatory Powers Act grant the Government new surveillance... December 2016

Why use an SSL?.. Number 3: Search Engine Optimisation

Security · 2. Confidence · 3. SEO Google has, since 2014, been giving sites with a secure certificate installed a boost within their ranking algorithm.... March 2016

Why use an SSL?.. Number 2: User Confidence

Security · 2. Confidence · 3. SEO As well as providing important security to your users the presence of an SSL certificate also enhances user... March 2016

Why use an SSL?.. Number 1: Security

Security · 2. Confidence · 3. SEO The main reason to use an SSL certificate on your website is to secure sensitive information sent across... March 2016

Google Chrome getting a new Security Panel for developers

Google is set to add a new Security Panel to the Chrome browser to help developers visualise and troubleshoot network connections. The security panel provides... January 2016

Web Application Security Testing

Free and open source web application security test tools. **Burp Suite ** Free and commercial tool. Excellent adjunct to manual testing and has a good... November 2015