Shopify the easy-to-use ecommerce platform

The Shopify experience includes everything you need to get your products online and selling with a minimum of fuss. Shopify is quickly becoming the ecommerce platform of choice for many ecommerce stores from small start-ups to huge international brands.

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Hosted online store

You instantly have a hosted online store where you can create web pages, upload blog posts, and of course, sell products. You can customize the look and feel of your store by changing the website template, or theme.

Analytics and reports

See store activity in real-time, gain insight into your visitors, and analyze your business performance. You also get detailed insights and reports about your business, so you can optimize your store’s activities.

Payment processing

You can choose from over 100 payment gateways, or opt for Shopify Payments, which eliminates the hassle of setting up a third-party provider and saves you transaction fees.


You can automatically connect with shipping companies and couriers directly from Shopify and process your orders in bulk to speed-up your order fulfilment process.

Shopify Website Development

  • Shopify Consultancy on whether Shopify is the best platform for you.
  • Advice and planning on plugins for third party integration with Shopify.
  • Design and implementation of your shop front-end and branding.
  • Shopify Development, build and deployment of your Shopify ecommerce website.
  • Training tailored to your needs and your business.

Shopify Hosting

Shopify is a fully hosted platform which means you focus on the design of your website and setting up your catalogue instead of files and coding, which results in quicker build times and lower cost to you when compared to other ecommerce projects. Your Shopify Fee includes costs of running the website. All you have to do is provide your domain name and set-up the shop to meet your brand and products.

Contact me about your Shopify project

Contact me about your Shopify project

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