How to add breadcrumbs to your Shopify Northern Ireland liquid templates

Breadcrumbs are a secondary navigation aid that helps users easily understand the relation between their location on a page (like a product page) and higher level pages (a category page, for instance). Breadcrumbs can easily be added to Shopify website to help customers navigate from product pages back through the various categories they’ve been browsing.

The term is borrowed from the tale of Hansel and Gretel where the kids drop a trail of breadcrumbs to trace their way back.

With breadcrumbs, if you’ve reached a page you don’t want to be on, you can easily find your way back or go back a step or two and start over.

Liquid Template

You can copy and paste the code below into your liquid template. Typically, breadcrumbs appear below the header of the website and above the main content.

Breadcrumb navigation can improve the user experience on complex websites with many categories and subcategories. It improves usability, allows you to orient yourself quickly with the page structure, and fits well into most designs. Also, from an SEO perspective, it is worth installing to gain the natural internal links, and there is also the possibility that breadcrumb navigation in Google SERPs will replace the URL. The condition is a logical, sensible execution with added value for the user, and correct integration. Websites with very flat hierarchies, however, rarely require breadcrumb navigation.