Shopify: Create a Discount Code

Posted in Shopify on 22 January 2021

A quick guide to help set-up a discount code in a Shopify Belfast store. First login to your Shopify store admin area and click on Discounts in the left hand menu.

Next, click on “Create Discount” and select “Discount Code”. Enter a discount code (either a random code or specific code e.g. “FREESHIPPING”) keep the code as simple as possible.

You’ll have the option to create a discount code which will give - a percentage off, a fixed amount off, free shipping or a buy one get one free offer.

Enter your discount amount. You can also choose to apply the discount to the entire order, specific collections of products or to specific products.

Next, you can specify if there are any minimum-order requirements, customer and order eligibility (e.g countries). And you can set if the discount is applied once per customer (based on order email address).

Finally you can set the date the discount is active, with an optional end date. Click “Save” and the discount will now be active on your website.

Don’t forget you’ll need to let your customers know what code to use either via email or a promotional banner on the website or products.

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