Spammers Beware

I occasionally read unsolicited emails, not for their content, but to see if a company that should know better has decided to send me stuff I didn't ask for. The following posts are a collection of those spammers.

The only way to get onto this list of spammers is to send me unsolicited emails. So, don't.

Spammers: Lost Highway Media

Lost Highway Media are a design and development company in Arlington, Texas owned and operated by Brian Burns. Lost Highway Media specialise in developing modern,... November 2021 · Spam

Spammers: Emily Clark Consulting

For the past week, I’ve been getting unsolicited email marketing from Emily Clark Consulting. The emails were coming through daily, just lists of jobs with... August 2021 · Spam

Project Honeypot

I’m not a big fan of Spam especially when it comes from what otherwise looks to be a reputable company. Spam fills emails inboxes with... December 2019 · Spam

Spammers: Murphy Consulting

You’ll have picked up from previous posts, I really don’t like spam. Running a website with a contact form I get a fair bit but... December 2017 · Spam

Spammers: Lee Andrew Meranda

I’ve been getting spammed by a company called The Compensation Specialist. They are a personal injury outfit. I’m not sure how they got my email... September 2017 · Spam

Accurate Media Solutions and video domination marketing

Successful Resolution The folks at Accurate Media Solutions were in touch to let me know this was due to a third party provider who let... August 2017 · Spam

Spam Trap

Spam traps are email addresses used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and blocklist operators to identify senders who aren’t following email best practices. These spam... December 2014 · Spam