Linux, Apache, MySQL + PHP

Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP/Perl/Python

LAMP is an acronym denoting one of the most common software stacks for many of the web’s most popular applications. However, LAMP now refers to a generic software stack model and its components are largely interchangeable

  • Linux operating system
  • Apache HTTP Server
  • MySQL (or MariaDB) relational database system
  • PHP (or Perl, or Python) programming language

Common variations

  • WAMP - Windows instead of Linux
  • WIMP - Windows running Microsoft’s IIS in place of Linux and Apache
  • MAMP - MacOS in place of Linux
  • LEMP - Nginx in place of Apache
  • LAPP - with PostgreSQL in place of MySQL

More recently compatible variations are typically described as LAMP stacks or LAMP-like stacks, even if the individual components don’t match the acronym.

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