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Online sellers need to keep on top of the impact COVID—19 is and will continue to have on retailers. The links below are some thoughts on how your ecommerce store can continue to grow, maintain existing customers and what you should be thinking about to keep your site running.

Ethical Promotions

It is easy to think that continuing to process orders and take inventory are at the top of your to-do list, but now is also the time to be promoting your business. Many online sellers have seen their business explode with new customers during the pandemic simply because bricks-and-mortar stores are unavailable.

Veeqo, the inventory and shipping tool, has published nine ethical ideas to help drive sales during the COVID—19 pandemic.

9 Ethical Ideas to Drive Ecommerce Sales During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Customer Service

During the pandemic customer services becomes more than important than ever. Clear and up-to-date information is vital to keep customer informed and happy while their orders may not be processed as quickly as they’d like.

Customer Think has put together some information for both companies and customers can work alongside each other to get through the coronavirus.

An open letter on customer service during a pandemic

Coronavirus Impact

The coronavirus pandemic has had a substantial impact on businesses and how they function. With most industries shut-down, or at with business severely reduced

MagentoIndia.in has looked at how online store owners are managing to see an increase in sales and what store owners should be considering during these uncertain times.

How COVID-19 Pandemic will Impact Ecommerce Industry?


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