Aheadworks will be removing Composer keys and download access for existing customers and switching entirely to a subscription model.

From February 2022 Aheadworks announced it is switching to the subscription-based model meaning all Magento 2 extensions become available with subscription on support and upgrades. From then Composer keys and download options will be deactivated upon Subscription and Updates expiry. To re-download or update a brand new subscription will need to be purchased.

Customers have been notified that the grace period to download existing purchases ends on 31 March 2022.

From then Aheadworks will no longer provide access to code customers have already paid for through the old download or composer key installs.

Store Owners

Now would be the time to contact your current support company to first, check if your website is using any Aheadworks extensions. And, if so, to ensure you will still receive updates after the grace period ends.

This is especially important if the company that built your website is no longer involved in the hosting or support of your Magento store.


If a client’s website no longer has an active subscription, or the initial subscription has expired you can’t “renew” an expired subscription. The only way to renew the expired subscription is to re-purchase the licence with the subscription included.

You can choose from monthly or annual subscription plans and once you have an active subscription you will be able to download the latest versions, installation and configuration support.

Aheadworks Subscription Model