Spammers Beware

I occasionally read unsolicited emails, not for their content, but to see if a company that should know better has decided to send me stuff I didn't ask for. The following posts are a collection of those spammers.

The only way to get onto this list of spammers is to send me unsolicited emails. So, don't.


These are spammers who use URLs to mask the URL of their malicious websites. They purport to be a link building service, but in... January 2023

Spammers: Housing Secrets

Housing Secrets are a dodgy looking blog for a real estate agent. I encountered them when they spammed the contact form on my website (for... November 2022

Spam Investigation Toolkit

Tools to help identify and engage spammers. I’m often asked what tools are best to use to identify spammers, there are plenty of free tools... October 2022

Emily Clark Consulting

Emily Clark Consulting are notorious online for spamming unsuspecting people with their endless job board-style emails. Their websites are and Emily Clark Consulting’s... June 2021

Project Honeypot

I’m not a big fan of Spam especially when it comes from what otherwise looks to be a reputable company. Spam fills emails inboxes with... December 2019

Spammers: Murphy Consulting

You’ll have picked up from previous posts, I really don’t like spam. Running a website with a contact form I get a fair bit but... December 2017

Spammers: Lee Andrew Meranda

I’ve been getting spammed by a company called The Compensation Specialist. They are a personal injury outfit. I’m not sure how they got my email... September 2017

Accurate Media Solutions and video domination marketing

Successful Resolution The folks at Accurate Media Solutions were in touch to let me know this was due to a third party provider who let... August 2017

Spam Trap

Spam traps are email addresses used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and blocklist operators to identify senders who aren’t following email best practices. These spam... December 2014