Hello, I’m Keith, senior developer in Belfast.

I'm usually working with PHP, Magento, WordPress along with everything that involves getting websites online.

What I’m doing now

  • Covid: Fully-vaxed and back in the office, socially distanced.
  • Launching sites and working with larger brands, some recent projects
  • Performance and Speed: Working with SEO and Hosting teams to speed-up websites, leaner and quicker with the same functionality.
  • Jekyll: CMSless sites (including this one).
  • AWS: Deploying production sites to AWS Lightsail
  • React.js + WordPress: headerless WordPress sites with React front-ends.

Get in touch

If any of this sounds useful or interesting, get in touch..

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Latest Work

June 2022

Innovate UK KTN

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June 2022

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June 2022


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