An introduction to image optimisation in Magento Northern Ireland

Image Optimisation is an increasingly important step improve page speed and search engine performance of your Magento store. Having a lot of unoptimised image can slow your website and increasingly Google has used website performance, and more specifically image formats as a marker.

WebP part of a new generation of image format that compresses the image size without sacrificing quality. There are a number of Magento plugins that can be easily set-up to help your website transition tot the new formats without having to manually edit images yourself.


FME Magento Extensions →

The Magento 2 WebP Images plugin reduces the size, without compromising quality, of conventional image formats by converting them to an advanced and lightweight WebP format.

MageComp →

Magento 2 WebP Image Converter will convert all the website images into lower-size WebP images with no compromise in image quality, improving user experience and SEO performance with faster loading.

MageFan →

Magento 2 WebP is the that allows you to reduce the size of images by converting them to next-generation image format improving your website performance.