How to link to a PDF in WordPress

Posted in WordPress on 20 August 2015

WordPress is designed to be simple and easy to use. Adding linking to a downloadable document is no different.

Open a post or page and put your cursor where you want to PDF link to appear in the content box.

Upload your PDF

Click on Add Media to the top left of the content box. A pop-up will appear.

on the “Upload Files” tab click Select Files and find the PDF or other document you wan to use.

It will be uploaded onto your WordPress site automatically and put into the media folder.

Once the upload has finished your PDF will appear checked in the top left of the media folder in the “Media Library” tab of the pop-up. On the right hand side

  1. Edit the Title field to be the text you want to use for the link
  2. Make sure the “File Media” has been set to link to
  3. Click on “Insert into Post”

Your PDF will appear as a hyperlink in the content box where your cursor appeared.

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